Dessert Goals is a highly curated dessert festival celebrating indulgence, discovery + deliciousness. The festivals feature the very best sweets in the city with many vendors making exclusive event desserts. The treats are featured in one beautiful, interactive space with photo activations, a salt bar to cleanse your palate, refreshing drinks + other surprises. We have taken food festival to a new level.

Since launching Dessert Goals in 2016, we have hosted 8 festivals in NY + LA bringing together over 25,000 dessert lovers.

Dessert Goals is a celebration of all things decadent, and a party for the tastebuds.

It’s pretty much the best day ever.

Watch our recap video of Dessert Goals Party Animal edition from March 2019 NYC!


Miraya Berke.jpg

Miraya Berke

Dessert Goals Founder

It’s pronounced Mir-ray-ah, like a ray of sunshine. A party planner since age 10, Miraya lives and breathes the event lifestyle, down to every last sparkly detail. She’s always been an avid dessert lover, her grandpa even owned a candy factory, so really it’s in her blood. Miraya is the founder of Pop Productions, the event studio that started Dessert Goals and Rom Com Fest, the first romantic comedy film festival. If you see her at the festivals, say hi, she’ll be in a colorful outfit and rocking a dessert shaped purse. Follow all her dessert eating on Instagram, @mirayaberke!