Meet the Vendors - Stuffed Ice Cream

Since launching Dessert Goals in 2016, we have hosted 8 festivals in NY + LA bringing together over 25,000 dessert lovers. Among those dessert lovers are the amazing vendors who create some of the tastiest and most Instagram-able treats we’ve all come to love.

With such a large dessert family, we wanted to share the inside scoop on what makes them so special!


Stuffed Ice Cream are the creators of the “Cruff”. What’s a Cruff, you ask? It’s a glazed donut stuffed with housemade ice cream. Did we mention they are also serving up Ice Cream Bouquets? Alan & Jackie are creating the stuff of DREAMS!


  • When did you attend Dessert Goals?

    • October 2018, NYC

  • How did you get your start?

    • Brick and mortar

  • In three words, how would you describe your brand?

    • Fun, adventurous, quality

  • What’s your favorite treat to make on your menu? And why?

    • Ice cream bouquets because no matter how many we make, the reactions are priceless.

  • What’s the best dessert you’ve ever eaten?

    • Lemon cake from Double Eagle Steakhouse

  • Where do you find your inspiration for creating new treats?

    • Instagram and dessert blogs

  • What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a food business?

    • Love and believe in your product