We're Back in Los Angeles!

Because dessert is always a good idea, Dessert Goals is back in Los Angeles for our Tie Dye Tiki edition presented by Chase Sapphire®! This is our biggest festival yet, (over two back to back weekends!) Enjoy a tightly curated selection of the very best desserts in LA for four sugar-filled days on November 9,10 + 16,17 at Evolve Project in Echo Park! New venue, new theme, new vendors - you won’t want to miss it!

The theme of this fest is Tie Dye Tiki - think bright tie-dye shirts with tropical flair! #DessertFestivalFashion

Need some outfit inspiration for Dessert Goals? Check out our Tie Dye Tiki picks! The venue and desserts will be decked out for the theme, so come dressed for photos galore!

  1. Rainbow Tie-Dye Dress | Amazon

  2. Tie-Dye Headband | Claire’s

  3. Tie-Dye Sneakers | Etsy

  4. Tie-Dye Mini Backpack | Amazon

  5. Tropical Maxi Skirt | Francesca’s

  6. Exotic Tank Dress | Amazon

  7. Tie-Dye Shrunken Tee | Urban Outfitters

  8. Tie Dye Tee | Amazon

  9. Tiki Messenger Bag | Amazon

  10. Palm Print Pants | Francesca’s

  11. Monstera Earrings | Etsy