Meet the Vendors - Tie Dye Tiki Edition

Dessert Goals Tie Dye Tiki edition presented by Chase Sapphire® marks our 9th festival (and 3rd time in Los Angeles.) Not only will we be at a new venue, but we’ll also be showcasing new dessert vendors as well!

We always feature the very best sweets in the city (with many vendors making exclusive event desserts.) With this event being our biggest festival yet (over two back to back weekends) we’re pulling out all the stops! Say hello to 22 of the best dessert vendors in LA (+ a few from New York!)

Meet the Vendors

1. Pop't By Lily The cutest, most ‘grammable hand tarts we’ve ever seen. Say hello to Pop’t by Lily, who is flying in from New York special for the fest!


2. Afters Ice Cream This is some of the most colorful, inventive, favorable and Instagrammable ice cream we’ve ever had. We’ll take a scoop of each flavor, please and thanks.

3. The Dirty Cookie Over the dunk and bite routine of your cookies? Why not try to pour, sip, and bite? These cookie shots from The Dirty Cookie make eating cookies refreshingly fun again!


4. Churro Services The masterminds behind Twisted Cotton Candy now bring you Churro Service. These churros are almost too pretty to eat, but we know you will!

5. Amborella Organics Super tasty organic lollipops from Amborella Organics with hints of roses, sage, rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, thyme, hibiscus, and marigold. BONUS: plant the biodegradable stick after you eat it and watch the corresponding plant grow!


6. Boba Bear The most colorful and cutest boba we ever did see, we love Boba Bear. Bring on the boba!

7. Stuffed Cookies What exactly are Stuffed cookies you may ask? They are delicious brown butter-based cookies filled with gooey centers such as Nutella, caramel, peanut butter, and more! Um, yes pls.


8. Sweet n' Hollow Desserts as tall as your chimney? We'll take it. These hollow logs of sweet goodness originated in Eastern Europe, and are made fresh, then filled with ice cream.

9. Fancy Flavors These cutie macarons are coming from San Jose to wow you with their adorable shapes and flavors. They are total works of art, don’t forget to take photos before you eat them all!


10. TeaArias 25+ paper-thin crepes alternating with premium pastry cream, uh yes, please. So light and fluffy you could eat the whole cake. We won’t judge you if you do.

11. Lee' Poof Cotton candy with a serious upgrade. Expect tie-dye tiki exclusive flavors and shapes, which will be your perfect photo prop for the Instagram Garden!


12. Ubatuba Açaí Bring on the tiki vibes with these tropical bowls of goodness from Ubatuba Açaí. This is one of the “healthy” desserts at the fest, so you can indulge in more!

13. Jessie's Nutty Cups The nostalgic treat of peanut butter cups taken to a new level with unique flavors and toppings. Flying in from New York, get these goodies while you can!


14. Colorado Donuts Donuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Fine by us! You won’t be able to resist these colorful creations and their festival exclusive tie-dye donuts!

15. ChilOSO Gummy Bears Hot hot hot gummies! As they say, bet you can’t have just one of these chili gummy bears from the chili gummy queen!


16. Pacific Organic Pops Organic ice pops in the cutest colors and flavors. These pops are sure to put a smile on your face!

17. The Pie Hole Perhaps the perfect fall dessert, pie! And The Pie Hole takes it to a new level with divine flavors, the perfect crust, and mmm we cannot wait.


18. Famous Apples It’s fruit, so it’s healthy, right? We like our fruit covered in caramel, chocolate, nuts and cute colors. Still, it’s fruit!

19. Pops Artisanal Creamery Major tiki vibes alert! You won’t want to miss the world premiere of their crème brûlée coconut sundae! Pops will also be serving their coconut sundaes served in coconuts and pineapple floats in pineapples. Get your camera ready!


20. Cookie Dough Dreams LA Cookie dough rough, yes. Cookie dough to bring home and bake fresh cookies, double yes?

21. Drunken Cake Pops Looking for something a little stronger than sugar? Look no further than these liquor-infused cake pops. For our 21+ guests only!

22. Smallcakes Orange County They claim to be baking the world a better place one cupcake at a time and we couldn’t agree more. If one of these tasty cupcakes doesn’t put a smile on your face we don’t know what will!